Mozilla Firefox Best Add-Ons for Facebook

Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons for Facebook

1. Boost for Facebook
Download Boost for Facebook can do autopoke, all rollover profile picture thumbnail and in addition can download facebook videos.
2. Adblock
For Hiding ads on Facebook.
3. Facebook Video
With the help of addons you possibly can download facebook videos video on facebook to share even did convert videos.
4. Friendbar
Friendbar is really a toolbar which allows someone to send updates and comments
5. Facemood
set of emoticons used in facebook chat.
6. FireStatus
order always seem to exist on Facebook you should use FireStatus. FireStatus can improve your status without having to open the web page, what it’s all about that you might want the update can even be timed, eg update once every 7 minutes and so forth.
7. Better Facebook
Facebook Allowing you to better. With these add-ons you possibly can Tabbed news feeds, advanced feed filters, hide read posts, highlight new comments, static header bar, enhanced navigation, friend tracker, expand the Similar Posts, custom CSS , and many other.
Download: https:// / / en-U.S. / firefox / addon / better-facebook /
8. Facebook PhotoZoom
When mouse on the thumbnail, a tooltip look using the dilemna within it.


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