Download any Torrent Files Without making use of Torrent Client using idm

We people are facing problems while downloading from Torrent Clients like utorrent or bittorrent. So today i am posting the Trick by which you can download Torrent files from IDM (Internet download Manager)
Just follow the given steps-
First Download and Install IDM (Internet download Manager). (if need idm download from here )  or download manager.
Now Copy Any Torrent link Address or Download the Torrent File.
Now Visit site
Paste the Link Address or Upload the Torrent File there.
Now Click Go Free .


You must have done!!

Now the site the place you have Uploaded the Torrent File will download the entire torrent stuff and definately will provides you with the direct link and when got IDM, next the download will automatically start in IDM with Maximum Speed.

IDM or download manager will download the entire file in once there will probably be no Parts during Hotfile or Rapidshare megashare, etc .It will likewise give Resume Capability, so that you can pause at any time.


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Myself vignesh working in a software company in the field of android and a part time blogger. interested in surfing internet-marketing(not expert)-hacking(basic)-and try lots and lots of new interesting stuffs.i used to try new tricks and tools.i am satisfied in doing this kind of stuffs.

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